Look Left @ Marketing Podcast, Episode 9: eWEEK's Chris Preimesberger

Chris Preimesberger has been covering and analyzing IT business and innovation since 1995. Currently, he’s the editor-in-chief at eWEEK - one of the leading outlets for information technology news, reviews and features. He’s also busy with the #eWEEKchat on Twitter, while producing the eSPEAKS video-interview series and a new podcast.

He joined John Moran on the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast - here are some of the conversation highlights:

  • When nine of his co-workers were laid off, Chris realized longevity meant being more than just a writer: “And I looked at all of them...and I said, ‘What do they all have in common?’ They did not want to do anything, really, on any other kind of media channel. They were good writers, and that’s what they did, and that’s all they wanted to do. And I kind of got the clue there that I better start doing video and audio interviews, moderate panels and things like that at IT conferences, which is what I do also. You’ve got to be versatile. It’s like the software world, you’ve got to be agile, right?”

  • Chris’ approach to writing about technical topics for a broad audience: “Those apps and those devices are working for us. They need to help us get our jobs done, help us communicate, help us be entertained, whatever we’re using those things for. I look at it from a very high level. As the story goes on, I go deeper...talk about simple processes and simple reactions or simple results from a piece of software or device, then go deeper.”

  • As a former media relations professional for the Stanford University Department of Athletics, Chris understands and appreciates the pressure PR pros are under: “I have had very, very good luck with PR people in this business. The best PR people are the ones who don’t mind pinging me three or four times on a piece, because I can't answer every email. I do not mind one bit if they send me a reminder email more than once to do something or set up an interview.”

Listen to the podcast now, and be sure to subscribe to catch every episode. Have an idea for the Look Left @ Marketing Podcast? Share it at hello@lookleftmarketing.com

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